The name behind one man's goal to build the most stylish, modern, aggressive, usable, sporting aircraft ever.   I am that man.  My name is Chris Christiansen and welcome to my journey.  I am a 36 year old amateur aircraft designer. I started this dream at 15. 21 years later I’m still at, still driving, still pushing for that special aircraft.

I’ve designed and built 7 successful aircraft in that 21 years. I’ve traveled the country in my own aircraft. My designs have won top awards at the top 3 major airshows. They’ve made it into worldwide magazines, the cover of Sport Aviation and have gotten numerous write ups.

It has been an amazing journey, but I still feel like I have something more, something better to do.  I’ve enjoyed my past designs, but I can do better. I don’t want to bring an aircraft to market until that machine is the ultimate combination of features.

The chances that I fail are far greater than any chances of real success, but I am not on a quest to design any aircraft, I am on a quest to design the aircraft.  Countless designers far smarter than I have come before me and failed to produce a memorable, inspiring flying machine.  There’s thousands of aircraft designs throughout history, but very few do we actually remember and talk about.  Very few excite the masses, inspire passion and intrigue and ignite the next generation's passion for flight.

Join me. Join my quest for the ultimate sporting aircraft. Heck, if I fail, you can be the told you so guy. How cool is that?