Aerostruk  is my word I created that simply means, "awestruck for aeroplanes"   My name is Chris and welcome to my life.  I am a 41 year old amateur aircraft designer. I started this dream at 15.  26 years later I’m still at, still driving, still pushing to design that special aeroplane.

I’ve designed and built 7 successful aircraft. I’ve traveled the country in my own aircraft. My designs have won top awards and made it into worldwide magazines.

It has been an amazing journey, but I still feel like I have something more, something better to do.  I’ve enjoyed my past designs, but I think I can do better. 

Sure I might fail, but at least I tried.

Join me. Join my quest for the ultimate sporting aircraft. Heck, if I fail, you can be the told you so guy. For free. How cool is that?