I've spent hours in all kinds of planes.  Slow planes, fast planes, big planes, and little planes.  Most, even my own designs, left me wanting more.  I've spent the last 21 years thinking about what is it that I want out of an airplane. What is the ultimate combination of features.  It seems these days everyone in aviation is focused on the word "innovation". I'm focused on the word "combination".  Scroll down and check out what I believe to be the ultimate "combination".

I want visibility. I want to see my adventures. I want an aircraft that can land on soft fields and gravel airstrips. I don’t always want to land on a paved runway.  I want speed. I want to travel and be able to outrun the weather, not get caught in it.  I want handling, especially slow speed handling. I want the the landing phase to be easy not stressful. I want to cruise slowly over the countryside after work to unwind, not to add stress.

I want an aircraft built out of the latest high tech materials and methods. Carving a wing out of foam and slapping epoxy and fiberglass everywhere is not appealing to anyone. Its not the 70’s and I’m not building a surfboard, I’m building a super car that flies.

I want an aircraft that stands out among the crowd. Go to a large airshow, and look out over the sea of airplanes. Out of that sea, there will be about five airplanes everyone is talking about. I want that to be mine. An aircraft so uniquely gorgeous, it draws attention even next to the best aircraft out there.

I want an aircraft that has the same functionality and luxury of a high end automobile. I want weatherproof doors, comfortable seats, room to breathe and a smooth, quiet ride. I love my friends but I just don't want to rub shoulders the whole time. Cockpit width is a must.

I want efficiency. I want 40mpg at 160mph. I'm not interested in high horsepower, huge fuel burns and high gas bills. Unleaded gasoline is half the cost of avgas and no lead. I don’t want to burn leaded gas and I don’t want to pay for it either.

Airports are full up. Even at dead airports, hangar waiting lists go on for years. I want an aircraft that fits in my garage both to build and store. I don't have a hangar but I have a garage. I should be able to easily take the wings off, by myself, load it onto a trailer, and take it home.

I want an aircraft with a reliable power plant. The engine is the heart.  Why not go with the best and have some peace of mind. The cost is well worth it. I also want a puncture resistant-fire resistant fuel system, an automotive style safety shell and modern shock absorbing landing gear. I want my friends and family to be safe.

I want an aircraft that can take the golf clubs, scuba gear, fishing rods or snowboard. I've owned an airplane that had limited baggage room. And you know what, it limited my travel options too. No more. I want baggage space and so does my girlfriend.